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Pigeons/Birds are a big nuisance for people living in urban and suburban settings. The bird is considered a pest for a number of problems it can cause. Some of the complaints people give us when they call us for pigeon/Bird removal help include:

• They were looking over their renovation work and found pigeons/Birds had found space to build a nest.
• They think they have pigeons roosting in the house because they find pigeon/bird poop all over the place every day.
• They found the nest but the birds are too strong fliers for them to catch and remove.

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Pigeon/Bird Infestation Risks

Pigeons/Birds are filthy. They simply poop everywhere and on everything, and they do it in abundance. A Pigeon/Bird infestation can cause you this one problem in a number of forms.

People who have a Pigeon or Bird infestation in their home or office often speak to us about the problem of pigeon/bird droppings as a real nuisance. Anybody who has experienced living near pigeons or birds (who, by the way, like living close to humans a lot) knows how annoying that can be.

Pigeons/ Birds will happily find a high spot and make a nest anywhere in your home. You might one morning walk out of your bedroom and find a pigeon/bird nest in the balcony. Just like that.

And what follows is the actual problem, which provokes people to call us for pigeon removal. You will find pigeon/ bird droppings all over the place, even in your own food, which is disgusting and can cause health issues if mistakenly ingested.

Pigeon/bird droppings have a big amount of uric acid, which can cause erosion on almost all types of materials we commonly use for modern housing and construction. It can corrode through your car varnish in a matter of weeks and even eat away layers of steel within a few years.

Can You Move a Pigeon/Bird Nest?

Yes, we can! Whether you have a pigeon/bird nest in the balcony, in your attic, or on your roof, we can help you in removing the birds out of your premises permanently. The permanently part is tricky and only experts can assist you with that kind of Pigeon/Bird removal.

The reason for that observation is this: pigeons/birds are smart will find small openings around your construction to make their way into hollow spaces where you may not even find them roosting for months. A lot of people who call us for pigeon/bird removal often begin their request with these words…

“Well, I’m calling to ask can you move a pigeon/bird nest out of my home permanently? I threw it out a few times but they always come back!”

The trick is in making sure you leave no opening for pigeons/birds to find their way back into your house. With our professional services, we not only move the nests out but also make sure no such openings are left for them to use.

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