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During fall and winter in southern Texas, the attics and storage rooms of homes and commercial buildings become the favorite nesting places for squirrels. Since squirrels prefer warm weather to go out and about, they like to find suitable areas indoors during seasons other than summers.

Squirrels can cause a serious amount of damage to property with their sharp, strong teeth. They can damage anything made of wood or plastic and often destroy vents, pipes, closets, doors, and other such components of commercial and residential structures alike. Due to gardens and trees nearby, and easy access to food, squirrels particularly love nesting in residential attics.

If you see any of the signs listed below, you should call a professional service for squirrel removal in Houston, TX.


Squirrels are fast creatures who avoid getting too close to humans, and it would be difficult for you to catch them on your own. Since they are part of the wildlife common near human habitations, they do not look out of place when you see one running about in your garden.

However, you should keep an eye on the following signs, as they indicate overpopulation of squirrels in your area, which increases the probability of their having nested in your attic:

  • Look out for repeated instances of destroyed plants. When squirrels are living in your attic, they would like to satisfy their appetites with your garden plants. 
  • Did you recently see squirrels fight? Try and keep an eye out for squirrels fighting near your property because that is a clear sign one of them has a nest nearby and they are fighting over territory.

  • Squirrels in the attic constantly make scratching and thumping sounds when they are running around your attic, in your walls, or through your chimney.

  • Droppings are also found in abundance, especially if they are coming down from the attic to steal food from your kitchen. Their droppings are very similar to many other rodents, so make sure you show them to a trained rodent exterminator before removing them.

  • Chewing marks on wooden and plastic objects in your garden and the exteriors of your structure.

If you come across any of these signs, do not delay calling in our professional squirrel exterminators in Houston, TX. A squirrel nest is very hazardous to the structure, as this animal gnaws away at pipes, furniture, vents and other items made of wood and many other substances. This can create access points for other more persistent pests, and wildlife.


At All About Rodents, Inc. we have a successful track record of over 40 years serving the southern Texas community with their squirrel problems. Our trained and licensed squirrel exterminators have helped many a home and business owners rid of the vermin. Since squirrels are as hard to remove from a property as many other rodents and pests, it is imperative for the person working on removing them from your property to know their behaviors very well.

Our services for squirrel removal in Houston, TX, comes with the excellence you can expect from seasoned professionals. These are the key areas of our activity we work on while removing squirrels from your attic and other parts of your property:

Entry Points


  • We offer a free-of-charge property assessment visit, which allows us to determine the extent of the squirrel population and spot their nests. Once we have this information, we can get started right away with one hundred percent guaranteed squirrel removal from your home or business.
  • Since squirrels tend to destroy property more than other pests, we include complete property damage services in every job for squirrel removal in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.
  • We make sure we fully repair and close the access points that could help squirrels – or any other pests – get into your property again.
  • We sanitize your attic and other affected areas to ensure their smell and other signs are completely removed from your property.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with complete squirrel removal in Houston, TX, and other parts of southern Texas.
  • Humane pest removal methods that cause no harm or discomfort to your family or employees and other inhabitants of your property, including pregnant women, children, and pets.
  • Multi-level squirrel removal services executed by experienced, trained, and industry certified squirrel exterminators.
  • Full and free-of-charge examination of your property – home or business – to give you a clear estimate before the work even begins.
  • Backed by 40 years of experience providing squirrel removal services to residents and businesses across southern Texas

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